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Advantages of BUYING pre-owned
If you are in the process of searching for your dream timepiece, then you need to go to all the right places. At HANG THAI TROPICANA, we are dedicated in helping you pick the right worthy watch.
We want to help you get the watch that you deserve. We make sure that you are looked after and get what you need and want. We are passionate about watches and want to share that enthusiasm with all our valued customers. If you're not sure why buying pre-owned is such a good idea, or have some reservations about buying pre-owned, perhaps after you read the following information should help you decide and may even involve a substantial saving.
Price – Buy Watch for Less : One of the greatest advantages of buying a pre-owned watches over new ones offers the obvious benefit of cost saving. If there is a watch that you really want but can’t afford to buy a new one, a pre-owned is always the best way, especially if it is in pristine condition.
Good Investment : Buying a pre-owned watch can be a solid good investment. Owners and collectors of watches will sometimes sell watches at a discount, allowing you to revel in the hermetically sealed bevel without paying full price. Buying a pre-owned watch presents an opportunity for you to enjoy a significant discount on an elite product.
You don’t lose much when you sell them. Most pre-owned watches from well-known brands usually can be sold for a similar price as what you paid for them or in some instances, you may even make a profit on them.
Great for people who love to flip a lot. With pre-owned watches, it is easy to buy and sell and hence a great way to try out a lot of different watches. Keep them for as long as you like and whenever you want to try on some different brand/model, just sell it. Buying pre-owned watches enables you to upgrade to a better model for a similar price to what you were considering.
Value : It’s rather rare to find a vintage or classic watches in pristine new condition. Like a vintage high end vehicle and fine wine, pre-owned timepiece increase in value over time. Simply put, pre-owned watches will retain its value and become family heirlooms over time or kept as antique collection.
Out of Production Watches : Another great benefit of buying pre-owned watches is that you can buy older models which are no longer in production. It’s rather hard to find pieces that maybe limited editions or discontinued lines. By buying pre-owned watch, you have the benefit of being able to acquire watches which are no longer in production. You may have your favourite makes, brands and models and probably the only way of acquiring one of these is to buy them pre-owned.


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